Friday, January 10, 2014

Seward Park

After taking so many pictures on yesterday's walk, I was aiming for a quiet, residential area which might lead to a shorter blog post. My 7.5 mile walk in the Seward Park neighborhood resulted in many more pictures than I had expected.

This is a well groomed area with good views of Lake Washington. Its tailored gardens, architecture, hilly streets and views reminded me of the Inverness neighborhood of northeast Seattle. One difference was the number of private streets. Blocks were often quite large and often had one or more private roads leading to a number of homes.

There was a real mix of houses ranging from older

to newer

and even a narrow, triangular house built on a narrow, triangular lot.

This area is home to the Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation,

Congregation Ezra Bessraroth,

the Seattle Kollel,

the Vietnamese Presbyterian Brighton Church,

Macabee Martial Arts (whose website is,

a Seventh Day Adventist Church (whose parking lot is a park and ride for the Microsoft Connector on weekdays), Martha Washington Park (pictured in a prior post)

and the Findlay Sanctuary (and its public art).

Along the way, I saw a Little Free Library housed in an old PI dispenser box,

Graham Hill Neighborhood Watch signs,

a Seahawks banner,

trees with an entry door and faces,

an impressive stone fence

and an impressively decorated fence.

This was another enjoyable walk in another great Seattle neighborhood.

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