Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Seward Park, Brighton and Columbia City

Today's 8.1 mile walk crossed into three neighborhoods, Seward Park, Brighton and Columbia City. The biggest differences seemed to be related to how far I was from the lake, how close to Rainier Avenue and how close I was to the top of the hill.

Rainier Avenue S is a busy street with lots of auto repair shops, services, apartments and churches.

I noticed ethnic shops,

Fire Station Number 28

with its Fire Tower sculpture

and the Southeast Seattle Senior Center, the purple and gold Graham Place apartments

and the large Brighton senior housing apartment complex.

This area is home to the Vietnamese Brighton Presbyterian Church,

Rainier Valley Community of Christ Seattle Ministries Office,

Jubilee Christian Center,

Iglesia de Christ Ministerios Lavantando la Cosecha,

Destiny Church,

Rainier Avenue Church (with its Johnson-Beckwith House),

Star Bethel Missionary Baptist Church,

a building which used to house Iglesia de Christo Church (a sign indicated that the congregation had moved to a new place of worship)

and Graham Hill Elementary School

with its logo painted on a nearby street.

Along the way, I noted an outdoor altar,

new houses,

quite a few land use action signs proposing to build an apartment house (near Rainier) and subdivide lots (near Seward Park Avenue S)

and "Sold" signs on three lots along Seward Park Avenue.

This was yet another Seattle neighborhood that turned out to be much nicer than I had anticipated.

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