Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mid Beacon Hill

It was pretty cold as a book-loving friend and I went to Mid Beacon Hill to revisit Comet Lodge Cemetery and inspect the tombstones. I am still impressed by the stones that look like tree trunks. I noted that quite a few people were buried here between 1906 and 1908.

Our 5.6 mile walk took us east of Beacon Avenue into a mostly residential area bisected by Chief Sealth Trail and large transmission towers.

This is an area of modest homes, occasional views of the Cascade Mountains and Lake Washington and churches.

We passed Saint Mark's Lutheran Church,

Seattle Chinese Alliance Church,

Church of Christ

and Bethany United Church of Christ

whose cornerstone reads "Olivet Congregational Church 1907-1950 and which appears to be home to the Beacon Avenue Food Bank, the Refugee Women's Alliance and Step Ahead Preschool.

The biggest surprise of this walk was the Khmer Buddhist Society which has a library located in its religious facility

and a statue of Buddha at the highest point on its property.

This area is home to Dearborn Park Elementary School.

This was another wonderful made even more enjoyable by book discussions.

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