Thursday, February 13, 2014


Today's 6.5 mile walk took a friend and me to the Dunlap neighborhood around Rainier Beach High School. This area, near Lake Washington is dominated by the high school with its Paul Robeson Performing Arts Center

and its playfield,

the Rainier Beach Branch of the Seattle Public Library

with its outdoor sculptures (the Ray Jensen one with the runners is titled "Pursuit of Knowledge"),

the Rainier Beach Community Center with its swimming pool (we could see a large slide through the windows),

South Shore K-8 School

and affordable housing including Seattle Housing Authority's Barton Place and Lake Washington Apartments (pictured in a prior post).

We guessed that these newer homes might also be run by the Housing Authority.

Along the way we passed a large Safeway, a Rite Aid, Thunderbird Treatment Center,

Mapes Walkway and a 12th Man flag atop some new construction.

Here and there, we caught views of Lake Washington and we crossed the Chief Sealth Trail a few times in search of what appeared to be a street on my map but which didn't seem to exist.

We ended our walk with a very satisfying lunch at Maya's Mexican Restaurant.

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