Thursday, February 6, 2014

Highland Park

An errand was taking a friend to West Seattle so I accompanied her for lunch at the Salvadorean Bakery (the pupusas with pickled cabbage are yummy) and a 4 mile walk in the Highland Park neighborhood. Passing the Meat the Live Butcher shop on 16th, we spotted Super Bull in front of the store.

Now that the Super Bowl is over, "Bernie" (the bull) will be placed on the roof as a community landmark.

I had already walked many streets in this neighborhood so this walk involved completing streets I had missed on prior walks. This is a modest neighborhood with businesses along Roxbury and 15th to 17th. Looking south, we could see are a real shopping street outside the city limits in White Center. On the northern end, we caught views of the Seattle skyline.

We climbed a staircase and a footpath. On the top of a hill, we could see the Cascade Mountains. My friend noted that the area near the footpath had recently been planted with native plants.

Along the way, we spotted lovely homes

and gardens,

some 12th Man flags,

a black bird painted on a garage door,

some building lots for sale, a hammock

and a corner grocery store.

This area is home to the Highland Park Baptist Church,

Westwood Christian Assembly

and a large Salvation Army facility.

This was another enjoyable walk made better by good company.

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