Tuesday, July 23, 2013

North Admiral Neighborhood of West Seattle

When I got to North Admiral, today, I realized that I had forgotten my camera. In this post, I will try to verbally describe the area. I walked 7.8 miles along streets north of Walker. Most of the streets were east of California but I included a few streets west of California north of Atlantic. Except for Harbor Avenue and the corner of California and Walker, this area is residential and pretty hilly; it includes a ravine.

I would have taken pictures of Admiral Congregational United Church, California Place Park, a house with a matching birdhouse out front, a lovely lavender colored house with a porch and white wicker accessories, raised vegetable beds in a parking strip and some lovely homes and great views.

There are quite a few condos/apartments/townhomes along California and the Park West Skilled Senior Center is also on California. At its southernmost point, California Avenue just seems to end but here in the north, it wraps around the tranquil Hamilton Viewpoint Park before veering downhill through a treed area and merging into Harbor Avenue. I noted quite a few people in their vehicles, relaxing and enjoying the view from the park. There is a plaque honoring the Genesee Hill Garden Club for their park beautification project.

On Harbor Avenue, I passed Seacrest Park with its fishing pier, Hawaiian/Korean restaurant, kayak/bike rental and Water Taxi dock. At the entry to the fishing pier, I spotted a plaque dedicated to the Tengu Club. This stretch of Harbor Avenue houses newer condos/apartments, Pacific Institute and a few older cottages - one with a nautical motif and a totem pole outside, another with a more zen feel and a rear garden going up a steep hillside.

I spotted scuba divers on the rocky beach and noted dedication plaques by benches along a park walkway.

At the intersection of Harbor and California, I saw a SDOT employee counting traffic flow (not sure if it was cars, bikes or pedestrians or all of them).

This was great walk, even without my camera.

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