Monday, July 15, 2013

Gatewood Neighborhood of West Seattle

Today's 10.7 mile walk in the Gatewood neighborhood was hillier than I had expected but the views were spectacular. Looking west, I could see the sound and the Olympic Mountains.

Looking north, I saw the Seattle skyline and (I think) Mount Baker.

Gatewood is a tidy, quiet neighborhood west of 35th. Many of the streets have underground utilities and trees are mostly shorter or strategically located so as not to block the views.

This is mostly an area of single family homes but the streets adjacent to California house apartments/condos, some new but a few older.

There is a commercial area along California where I noted a gas station, fast food establishments, a cafe, the Little Gym, the Avalon Center, a doggie daycare and salons.

The area is home to the Orchard Street Ravine,

Gatewood Elementary, Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation (pictured in a prior post) and

Myrtle Reservoir Park where I saw large water towers (pictured in a prior post) but no exposed reservoir. Climbing the steps inside the park, I came to a series of stones which appeared to express West Seattle's pride at having a higher elevation than many well-known Seattle Hills. This spot, by the water towers, is the highest point in Seattle.

Along the way, I chatted with a nice couple who reinforced my opinion that West Seattle is a friendly place, I spotted a staircase,

a mural,

many lovely homes, a tree with every apple bagged,

a parking strip offering words of wisdom

and some interesting planters.

This walk was a workout but it was worth it.

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