Monday, July 29, 2013

Arbor Heights Neighborhood of West Seattle

Today's 7.3 mile walk took me back to Arbor Heights and its spectacular views. The area I walked bordered on Arbor Heights Elementary School but, other than that, it was residential.

The area includes The Arroyos, 

with 39th Avenue SW leading to Arroyos Street,

the Arroyos Natural Area

and Arroyos Beach Place where I spotted a small private beach

and, possibly, another stand of Madrona trees.

Climbing back up the hill, I came to a scenic stretch of Marine View Drive and spotted a point where the utility wires went from overhead to underground.

Along the way, I chatted with a friendly resident who praised the neighborhood and said that people move in and stay. Some of the houses were on the water and many were on large lots and/or had great views. I saw an amazing tree,

a dog watering station, courtesy of Delsey the Wonder Dog,

some great gardens,

lots of overhead wires (but only on certain streets)

and the point where the southern segment (not connected to that north of Thistle) of California Avenue ends.

I'm starting to expect spectacular views and Arbor Heights delivers.

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