Friday, July 12, 2013

Gatewood and Roxhill Neighborhoods of West Seattle

Today was another great walking day and I returned to West Seattle and the Roxhill and Gatewood neighborhoods. My 6.8 mile walk covered streets I had not walked between SW Myrtle and SW Ida/Holden Streets from 31st to 44th Avenue SW.

The streets west of 35th are hillier and some have views of the sound.

Some of the streets feel more like country roads

and I even found a staircase.

Most of the houses are well-kept but lots slope steeply; some are quite large and nicely landscaped. Some other landscaping could use a little TLC.

Lots on the east side of 35th tend to be more level. Houses may be a more modest but some are quite lovely.

In this area, 35th is more commercial than California and I spotted John's Corner Deli,

Red Star Pizza, two hair salons, a wax spa, a cafe and a laundry.

I noted the Southwest Myrtle Street Reservoir.

This area is home to the Mars Hill Church,

the Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation,

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, School and Parish Life Center

and the old Seattle Fire Department Station 37 (now moved two blocks south).

Along the way, I saw yard art,

a treehouse,

a little library (at 39th and Webster), signs for Spano Drum lessons,

lovely gardens

and murals on a shed door and a bus shelter.

Another enjoyable Seattle walk!

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