Thursday, July 25, 2013

Arbor Heights Neighborhood of West Seattle

The chance to walk with a friend who lives in the area brought me to Arbor Heights today for a 9.6 mile walk. This is a quiet, residential area situated at the Seattle city limits.

We walked south along the shady Seola Beach Drive, passing a sign welcoming us to the Seola Creek Watershed

and coming to Pump Station #8, the water and a private lane (SW Seola Lane) where homes were built along the waterfront. There was no public beach access on this dead-end street.

We noted what appeared to be trails in Seola Park

and what, I think, is a large stand of Madrona trees.

My friend had to get back to work (she's not retired as I am) but I continued walking, observing the Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club,

the New Apostolic Church,

Hillcrest Presbyterian Church (where a proposed land use action sign indicated that the Westside School wants to locate here replacing the church and school). I did see a signboard with the service schedule and a smaller signboard advertising services for the Iglesia De Jesuchristo Rey De reyes.

At its southern tip, 35th Avenue SW turns west and becomes Marine View Drive. I noted a sign for the Seola Greenbelt but, once again, there was no water access.

There were nice homes on the water side of Marine View Drive and here and there I caught a glimpse of the water.

The  triangular area between 35th and Marine View Drive has a sign reading "Welcome to Ocean View."

Along my walk, I was treated to great views of Mount Rainier and I saw some nice gardens and garden art.

This walk brought me into what felt like many inviting little enclaves and many dead-end streets. It was great to catchup with my friend and see her children again.

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