Thursday, July 11, 2013

High Point and Roxhill Neighborhoods of West Seattle

Today's weather was great for walking so I went back to West Seattle for an 8.9 mile walk in the High Point and Roxhill neighborhoods. This walk connected four prior walks and most of the streets covered were residential.

In my prior High Point post, I commented that only a corner store was missing. They are not exactly what I had in mind but, today, I spotted two mini-marts, one near Graham and 34th - the Highpoint Mini Market (Hallal Meats and Spices) and the other the South Seattle Market (also a gas station) at 35th and Morgan. The high-rise in the background is Stewart Manor (low income public housing). I only remember one other apartment house from this walk.

Near the Highpoint Mini Market, on Graham, is the Lighthouse Assembly of God Church. I spotted "Private Property No Trespassing" signs at two High Point locations - one had a proposed land use action to build 20 residential units.

Along the eastern edge of this walk, I came to Forest Lawn Mausoleum and Columbarium

and Sylvan Townhomes

where I saw a staircase under construction.

Near the staircase, is Thien An Vietnamese Baptist Church.

Just south of the Sylvan Townhomes are a few streets of modest but mostly well-kept homes on decent-sized lots.

Chief Sealth International High School abutted the southeast corner of this walk and I'll get pictures of it on a future walk. Around this point in the walk, I met a woman walking her friendly dog and we chatted a bit. She told me of a p-patch near 23rd and Kenyon which had been a farm belonging to a Japanese family who were interred during WWII. Another site to photograph on a future walk.

I walked west on Elmgrove Street wishing that I had a tree identification book with me to see if I could spot any elms. I did recognize some big cedar trees. Turning north on 35th, I admired the design of Swedish Automotive

which is across the street from Kenyon Hall, Locol and Westwood Florist.

Heading east again, I passed the back side of the Westside School (in the old E.C. Hughes School building).

The E.C. Hughes Playground takes up about two city blocks and I think I spotted the daycampers who had been at High Point Commons Park the other day.

A few blocks north, I came across the Walt Hundley Playfield (across the street from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, School and Parish Hall. (I'll post pictures in a future post when I pass the front of the church).

Just north of the playfield is the High Point Community Center

and West Seattle Elementary School.

Over on 35th and Morgan, I noted the West Seattle Community Resource Center (in the same building as the West Seattle Food Bank).

Along the way, I noted pleasant streets,

a 1.69 acre lot for sale at 27th and Webster,

some beautiful gardens,

a mural on a fence,

a street that looked to have housed many brick tudors now abutting new, denser housing

and some large spools that may be artwork or may be industrial wire.

Another walk with lots of Seattle greenery.

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