Sunday, September 2, 2012

Southeast Magnolia

Today's 5 mile walk took my husband and me through the Southeast Magnolia neighborhood, This walk was all about views, parks and lovely homes.

This is a quiet, residential area where most of the streets have well-tended sidewalks and curbs and underground utilities. Streets with panoramic views don't have many tall trees but we came across a few parks that were nicely treed. Magnolia Park had a lovely picnic area

where even the restroom building had charm.

The higher elevations of the park have great views and some impressive trees.

Thorndyke Park lies between Thorndyke Avenue W and Magnolia Way W,

a secluded street of lovely homes; some of them have views of the Seattle skyline.

The Ursula Judkins Viewpoint near the point where W Galer Street becomes W Garfield Street offers Puget Sound views

while the overpass above Smith Cove Park provides a bird's eye view of the park and the cruise ship docks.

Between the Viewpoint and the overpass, we spotted a small, fenced-off area with a sign warning us that this facility was used by the FAA Air Traffic Control and that we would be prosecuted under federal law if we trespassed - we didn't.

The dead end at 28th Avenue W provided a nice view of the Elliott Bay Marina

which nearby houses enjoy every day.

Even homes further away from the water are quite nice and added to the ambiance of this walk.

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