Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Madrona and Leschi

My husband and I returned to the Madrona and Leschi neighborhoods today for a 5.2 mile walk.

Most of the homes in this area are older and range from modest on the western edge to grand on the eastern edge.

We passed a few staircases in the hilly eastern edge and the welcoming commercial strip along 34th.

There were some great views from dead-end streets south of James but smoke from the fires in Wenatchee was visible.

We saw amazing homes and gardens.

This area is home to St. Theresa's Church

and school (which has been in the news lately for its blended learning initiative),

Madrona Presbyterian Church,

Madrona Playfield and Genesis House.

Along the way, we spotted a fancy tool shed, an empty lot at the corner of 30th and Jefferson, Nora's Woods (pictured in an earlier post),

tomato plants growing in a garden wagon,

what looked like an old corner store

and a name drawn in a cement sidewalk patch.

These neighborhoods look to have seen a lot of family histories and appear to be making more.

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