Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seattle Sounders Game at CenturyLink Field

Last night, my husband and I went to CenturyLink Field for our first Sounders game. We took the bus (which was full of Sounders fans), our seats were in the 300 level and we walked around to participate in pre-game activities so we wound up walking 3.3 miles. I didn't walk any new streets but the arena itself was like a neighborhood and the fans were like great neighbors.

Before the game, we got free Sounders scarves for completing forms, observed all kinds of activities,

enjoyed a great view of the Seattle skyline,

admired the arena and even got to go onto the field (thanks to passes provided by a blog reader).

As the team entered, we were impressed by the chants and arm motions of the fans seated behind the south goal. I wish this blog had an audio track because the chanting was amazing.

The service men and women who rolled out the American flag and the band were truly impressive.

The enthusiastic fans won my heart and the next time I come to a game, I'm going to join in the March to the Match from Occidental Park.

There were very few empty seats, almost 40,000 fans attended, so it was no wonder that it took a while to exit the arena and to cross the street to the bus tunnel. Once again, our bus was packed with fans who were polite and orderly. The only sour note was that the Sounders lost to San Jose (2-1) but they made a great effort and the game was exciting right to the end.

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