Sunday, September 16, 2012

Industrial District - SODO

After hearing about Friday's walk, my husband wanted to see where the proposed basketball arena would be located so we took a 5 mile walk in SODO, the Industrial area.

There was a Seahawks game today, the bus had been full of fans decked out in team colors and the streets were full of fans walking to the arena and others tailgating nearby.

We saw people out hawking parking spots in the $15-30 range, pedicabs transporting fans from their parking spots to the arena, fans trying to buy tickets and fans who weren't even trying to buy tickets but had screens set up and were watching the game at the tailgate parties. There was a lot of Seahawks pride on display. We even saw fighter jets executing a flyover.

The sidewalks were non-existant or not as nice as those further north and there are quite a few rail lines running through this area, AMTRAK,


and light rail. We noted a bike route next to the light rail station.

There are many industrial sites in the area but also some office buildings and retail including Starbuck's headquarters, Outdoor Research, Outdoor Emporium (where we stopped in to look and were impressed with the selections) and Zulily.

Along the way, we passed a Goodwill Outlet, Pacific Coast Feather Company, Hooverville Bar,

a Henry mural,

an artistically painted utility box, some pretty large ads painted on the sides of buildings

and a Macrina Bakery where the wonderful aromas enticed us in to buy a chocolate chip cookie (yummy).

We wound our way back to 6th and Massachusetts where we boarded the 41 for the trip to Northgate where we saw people playing a giant chess game outside the Regal Cinemas.

This walk was more about the Seahawks fans than about the neighborhood.

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