Monday, September 17, 2012

Briarcliff Neighborhood of Magnolia - Perkins Lane

Seattle's glorious weather continued today as a friend and I walked 5.5 miles in the Briarcliff neighborhood of Magnolia. We walked along Perkins Lane and a few surrounding streets. Perkins Lane is between Magnolia Boulevard and Puget Sound and is in a slide area.

Not long after starting the walk down from Magnolia Boulevard, we heard water and noticed what looked like a bridge with a nautical motif and a sign giving us the latitude and longitude.

As we continued down the lane, we noticed a steep hillside

and some equally steep staircases.

We were rewarded with water views as we observed nicely landscaped gardens and many more tall trees than on the top of the bluff.

We did notice water running through retaining walls and drainage pipes and agreed that we would be afraid to live here in the rainy season.

At the southern end of the lane, we crossed onto a footpath

which took us a peek-a-boo view of the sound.

Heading back up the lane, we encountered an Amazon Home Grocery Delivery truck and wondered where is would be able to turn around. The driver must have found a spot because we saw the truck headed up the lane a few minutes later.

We continued beyond Raye Street where we had entered the lane to walk the northern end. This end was a little more tailored and had more really large homes, some behind grand fences and some built on cliffs.

Back up on Magnolia Boulevard, we noticed a really large and beautiful tree which was unusual in this area more noted for its views than its trees.

Along our way, we spotted dog walkers, a tree stump loaded with bird houses

and feasted on blackberries.

It was good to finally walk this well-known Seattle lane.

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