Saturday, September 8, 2012

Madrona and Leschi

Today, my husband and I took a 4.8 mile walk along the hilly streets of eastern Madrona and Leschi. We filled in streets that we had missed between Yesler and Pike from 31st to the lake.

This is a residential area with lovely homes, great views, staircases

and Madrona Beach where people were out enjoying the beautiful weather.

This area is home to Leschi Elementary School

and the adjoining Peppi's Playground, the Leschi Natural Area (pictured in a prior post)
and Madrona Park, where it looked as if someone had been busy clearing underbrush.

Along the way, we saw lovely homes, tree-lined streets, beautiful gardens,

even a house with flower-filled window boxes,

great views,

garden art and a wall with a cryptic message. Research took me to the Monkey Puzzle Blog where I learned that the code secret is to replace each letter with the one which follows it in the alphabet (yielding "this is not a clue"). Further research took me to Witt's Notes, where the code is used to encrypt clues to Infidel, a 1980's computer game.

My South Park walk included Hispanic artworks but on today's walk, we encountered Native American artworks including figures on a wall near Leschi School

and a memorial to the brother and sister, Bernie Whitebear (the founder of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation) and Luana Reyes (CFO and a director of Indian Health Services)

underneath a large dreamcatcher sculpture.

Another walk filled with pleasant surprises.


  1. Hello Seattle Walker

    this is Wren. I just moved to the Leschi area and was delighted to come across this sight. There doesn't seem to be an active neighborhood blog like we had in West Seattle. I am looking for ways to get to know my
    new community, perhaps get involved some way (I am an artist) and make new friends.

    1. Hi Wren, I don't think that any neighborhood has a blog quite like West Seattle's. Of all the neighborhoods I have walked, West Seattle stood out for its community vibe and friendliness. I did find a Madrona blog that might help you ( . You might also ask a local real estate agent - they are often hooked into the community. Good luck in your new neighborhood.