Thursday, August 23, 2012


Today, I walked 6.7 miles in and around Seattle Pacific University on North Queen Anne.

I started my walk near the Fremont Bridge and walked west along the lovely, shaded path beside the Ship Canal. Near the bridge, I saw Ponti's Restaurant, the Book Bindery RestaurantBleitz Funeral Home and the Nickerson Street Saloon.

A number of office buildings are located along the canal (including offices of the Church Council of Greater Seattle, the Washington Academy of Languages, Viking Bank, the Outdoors for All foundation and Hilltop Children's Center). Further west, I came to the King County Environmental Laboratory, SPU athletic fields, a lumber yard and a marina. The canal was mostly industrial after this point.

W Nickerson Street is commercial and there are home west of SPU but the area I walked was dominated by SPU. I saw proposed land use action posters for a performance hall, a residence hall and a parking lot. One nice thing about having an institution own so much property is that they take care of streets and any open space.

This area is home to the First Free Methodist Church (SPU was founded by Free Methodists).

Along the way, I saw some interestingly arranged scrap material,

someone carving a tree trunk

and the Queen of Seattle sailing through the ship canal.

All in all, this was an enjoyable walk.

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