Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fisherman's Terminal

Yesterday, I took a 9 mile walk in the north Interbay area and crossed over into the Lawton Park Neighborhood of Magnolia. My walk in the Interbay neighborhood included some industrial areas and Fisherman's Terminal.

Walking out on the N.W. dock, I observed many working vessels, some looking well worn

and others looking almost pristine.

At the end of the dock, I looked across to a fireboat at Fire Station Number 3.

Walking back, I spotted a few house boats.

Heading back towards the terminal buildings, I noted a monument commemorating Seattle Chinese sister city, Chongqing.

A memorial to those who list their lives at sea stands on the water side of the buildings.  Its base has some amazing details and the names of the dead are nearby. (The photo below reflects the most recent losses.)
Temporarily detouring around the back of the buildings (because a movie was being shot just east of the memorial; I was told that the name of the movie will be One Square Mile and it's about a runner who trains on the dock; look for it in a year or two), I saw quite a few businesses including the Highliner Alehouse, a bilingual book publisher, Chinook's Restaurant, cafes and a fish store.

Across Emerson, I walked a ways along the Ship Canal Trail.

Before heading over to Magnolia, I passed a small park-like area just west of 21st Avenue W.

The streets north and west of the terminal are industrial (with a lone house tucked in here and there).

I detected a wonderful aroma as I passed the Cougar Mountain Gourmet Cookie Company and admired the beautiful flowers decorating an otherwise industrial site.

Over in Magnolia, I spotted Lawton School

 and Park

admired a home's lovely entryway

and bemoaned some overhead wires.

This walk was full of discoveries.

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