Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Central District's Minor Neighborhood

Today's walk in the Minor Neighborhood filled in missing streets and included quite a few streets I had already walked so I won't repeat the things I observed on an earlier walk in the area. My husband and I walked 5 miles.

Along Madison, we spotted a City Light substation.

Then we saw some transmission towers; a sign indicated that these were Richland Towers and gave a number for tower leasing information.

We noted a real mix of older single family homes an newer multiplexes.

We passed the Urban League,

Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences

and the Temple Center of Temple De Hirsch Sinai.

This area is home to quite a few restaurants including Skillet Diner

and Restaurant Zoe.

We passed Council House (senior housing), Spring Street Park and the grounds of T.T. Minor School.

We spotted a few staircases

but our biggest find was the Madison Poetry Project on the sidewalk outside Mount Zion Baptist Church along Madison. A poem was etched into pavers that were spaced along the sidewalk. The poem: "Come to - the mountain - MT Rainier MT Zion MT Baker - Rush down - the hills - Preaching Searching - this micro-universe - has rhythm, a daily beat -  Destination Home - Madison - Artery from the heart - Divides and Unites - Intersects the city - Sound to Lake - Our/Your - Neighborhood - Right here - was the first and longest - Trolley Turnaround - Water - Always - (Cross - Carefully these words lead to a street crossing) - Runs Downhill - Landmark" (these words leading to

 a marker). "We must go back to reclaim our past so we can move forward so we can understand why and how we came to be how we are today"

I have not yet found a website explaining this project or one giving information about a trolley turnaround here but I'll post a link if I find one.

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