Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fauntleroy Neighborhood of West Seattle

Yesterday, my pastry-loving-pal and I took a 4.7 mile walk in the Fauntleroy neighborhood of West Seattle. This is a scenic area near the Vashon Island/Southworth Ferry Dock. We were rewarded with beautiful views on this wonderful summer day. I had just returned from the heat and humidity of the east coast and really appreciated Seattle's summer weather.

We started our walk with a stop at the Original Bakery at 45th and Wildwood and walked streets north and east of the ferry dock.

We passed Wildwood Glen Senior Housing, blackberry bushes (not quite ripe), pumpkins on a vine (turning orange),

lovely gardens,

open space,

the first wind catcher/generator installed in Seattle,

lovely homes

and sidewalk philosophy.

Near the ferry dock, we discovered interesting sculptures near the Fauntleroy Creek Watershed.

I look forward to returning to this neighborhood and to exploring Fauntleroy Park and the rest of the watershed.


  1. Hi,
    The walk looks very interesting. My friend and I are thinking to walk around that area as well. Do you have any suggestion for parking?

    1. West Seattle has no parking meters and, from what I've observed, only a few areas with time-limits on parking. I haven't had any problems parking on residential streets but I don't usually start my walks near the water. Depending upon the weather, you might have to park a few blocks uphill. Good luck and enjoy your walk.