Monday, August 27, 2012

Interbay and Elliott Bay Marina

Interbay may not have many residents but I saw lots of people out enjoying the sunshine and the amenities of Interbay today as I walked 7.8 miles around the neighborhood.

There are a few streets north of Dravus and west of 15th; they are mostly industrial or commercial. I saw a QFC, the Interbay Animal Hospital, a kitchen and bath showroom, Washington Hardwoods, Screenplay, Seattle Storm, Metro Dog, Denali Fitness, Quest Church

and the non-profit neighborhood cafe, Q Cafe, with its sign "cafe culture community"; it serves direct trade espresso and tea and supports arts, live music and community events.

South and west of Dravus, I spotted a large complex under construction right next to a Starbuck's and a Red Mill Burger shop.

Just south of this construction are the Interbay playfields where I saw soccer practice in action, a concession stand, a ticket booth (with a poster for SPU soccer camps) and a baseball/softball(?) field.

Walking south on 15th, I came to a Rapid Ride stop for the D line coming soon).

Continuing south, 15th looked more like a shady lane than the busy street it usually is.

Next, I came to the Interbay Golf Center (driving range, golf course, mini-golf and pro shop)

then was surprised by the size and beauty of the Interbay P-Patch

where a bench is dedicated to Claire "Pappy" Watkins, King of Compost,

paths between plots are named,

there is a lovely seating area

and a sign indicts that the 2012 grand total is currently 3252. (Does this mean pounds of food produced or donated to a food bank?)

I passed the Seattle Animal Shelter with Discounted Cruise Parking and the Interbay Business Center behind it.

The Interbay Urban Center is home to a few shops including Whole Foods where people were enjoying the outdoor seating area to eat lunch. Across 15th, I noted Brown Bear Car Wash and its sculptures of a family of bears.

I passed a lot with a proposal to erect a 3 story office building with parking. Across 15th, I spotted one of my favorite furniture consignment shops and the came to a Staples at W Garfield Street

where I turned west and crossed over the cruise ship piers

Continuing west, I came to the lovely Smith Cove Park. A plaque gave the history of Piers 90 and 91 whose possession went from Seattle to the Navy and back to Seattle again.

Further west, I came to Elliott Bay Marina with its fancy Palisade Restaurant, the Elliott Bay Station of the Seattle Yacht Club, Maggie Bluffs Marina Grill (where people were eating on the patio) and beautiful views of the Seattle skyline.

I observed someone enjoying the day in a hammock

and a house perched on top of the bluff

before walking a bike trail back north.

This walk was so much more than I had anticipated - Seattle never ceases to amaze me.

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