Sunday, August 19, 2012

Harbor Island

Today, my husband and I walked 4.8 miles along the public streets of Harbor Island. According to Wikipedia, Harbor Island is an artificial island; when it was completed in 1909, it was the largest man-made island in the world. "The official land area as reported by the United States Census Bureau was 406.91 acres (164.67 ha), at the 2000 census. There was also a permanent population of three persons reported on the island at that time."

Sunday was a quiet day on the island.

We observed lots of shipping-related industrial sites. The large container cranes looked like Stars Wars-inspired red and white robot armies.

The north end of the island offered good views of the Space Needle

and we spotted a nicely landscaped area on the Crowley property.

The sides of the Wilhelmsen Maritime Services building were decorated with colorful murals

and there were a few planter boxes.

Walking along the west side of the island, we came to Terminal 18 Public Access Park and its picnic tables.

Along the way, we spotted some of the largest tires I had ever seen,

signs warning us not to feed the birds,

be aware of remote controlled trains

and directing us to an espresso stand (where another sign warned not to take any pictures or videos).

We also saw a bike path and quite a few bikers,

some pretty large gears

and plants taking root in unlikely places.

The island had lots of heavy machinery on massive scales but quite a few surprises as well.

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