Friday, April 11, 2014

South Park

Today's 8.8 mile South Park walk was made more enjoyable by starting and ending in the nicest part of a residential section. The middle of the walk took me through the industrial section of northern South Park between West Marginal Way S (Highway 99) and the Duwamish.

This industrial section was a mix of unpaved streets with large potholes and companies with names like Flamespray Northwest, Swift Tool Company, Non-Ferrous Metals and Harbor Island Supply Company and paved streets and well-tended buildings like the Gear Works building

with its creative sign, water sculpture and blooming tulips.

Even in the industrial area, it looked as if attempts had been made to save trees.

A little further south on the Duwamish, I came across park land including the Duwamish Waterway Park (with quite a few picnic tables)

and this picturesque spot. I also noted a sign indicating that a South Riverside Drive Shoreline and Street End Improvement project was underway and another sign proposing a storm water pump and a water quality facility.

The best part of the walk was through the residential area but, even here, I spotted industry nearby. The lower case brewery was across the street from an Access Van parking lot.

I walked over to the South Park Bridge (which is scheduled to open this summer) and chatted with a resident who can't wait to get back to his walks on the other side of the bridge.

A nice plaza has been paved and the nearby shops appear to be ready for the opening. While there, I stopped in the Stock Box store and bought some good looking apples at a reasonable price.

Back in the residential area, I spotted tree-lined streets,

the South Park Community Center,

the South Park Neighborhood Center with what looked like a Little Free Library out front,


interesting landscaping

and a lovely little triangle park with benches.

Along the walk, I noted a sign for the Duwamish Rowing Club,

lovingly tended homes near the Duwamish,

marine-related yard art, signs for the Duwamish Trail

and a sign instruction me to Stop Believin'.

All in all, it was an enjoyable walk and South Park reminded me a little of Georgetown.

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