Monday, April 14, 2014

Mid Beacon Hill and the Chief Sealth Trail

Today's walk wrapped up some loose ends on Beacon Hill. A friend and I walked the Chief Sealth Trail from 51st Avenue South and South Gazelle Street to 15th Avenue South and South Angeline Street and then turned around and walked back to 15th and Gazelle.

Our 10.3 mile walk was hilly but we were rewarded with views of Mount Rainier, Lake Washington, the Cascades and the Olympics.

We saw people out gardening,

a crew mowing the grass,

a large new P-Patch

and some yard art.

After this walk, I added 2.2 miles, filling in streets that I had missed in Mid Beacon Hill. I admired spring blooms as I completed the streets of Beacon Hill.

This was a long but rewarding walk.

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