Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Camp Long (North Delridge) and the Chinese Garden at SSCC (Riverview)

Four years, 2,722 miles and 6 pairs of shoes after starting, I have finally completed my goal of walking every street in the City of Seattle!

This morning, my husband and I walked 4 miles, most of them along the trails of Camp Long. They are not really streets but this was an excellent way to end my adventure. We talked with the helpful people in the Environmental Learning Center, heard birds chirping and saw a few squirrels. We noted picnic shelters and the ten cabins available for rent to urban campers.

We were impressed by Schurman Rock

and another climbing challenge built by the Works Public Administration in 1939-1940

but not as impressed as we were with the Ropes Course where we stopped to watch a crew of Seattle Mountain Rescue volunteers teaching others to navigate these challenges.

Oh to be 40 years younger!

At one point, we walked the Lower Loop trail and wound up in the West Seattle Golf Course

then had to retrace our steps to get back into Camp Long and its Challenge Course.

Leaving Camp Long, we went to South Seattle Community College to see the Chinese Garden

whose peaceful courtyard reminded us a little of the Chinese Scholar's Garden in Vancouver, BC.

We will return to visit this garden and the adjoining Arboretum again.

For this last walk, I wore my Walking on the Moon socks from Walk On Socks; they were very comfortable! I came home and downloaded a We the Peepers app so that I'll be ready for my upcoming visit with my grandson. (Shameless plugs for some good businesses:-) )

Now that I have completed my walks, I plan to return to some areas for Seattle experiences. I'll start by marching in the Sounder's pre-game parade (did that) and riding the Big Wheel (did that too and ate at Pizzeria Gabbiano - yum, yum). I plan to revise the list of Seattle Gems and make copies it and the index of walks by neighborhood so that they will be the first posts visitors will see. But blog revisions can wait for a while so that I can enjoy the accomplishment and consider what I have learned.

Happy walking!


  1. Wow!, congratulations! Would love for the chance to do the same some day. (Would have to move to Seattle first, though.)

  2. 2,722 miles, wow! Congrats!

  3. congrats - I've enjoyed your posts and pics. You are an inspiration for folks, (including myself,) to get out and see some of the nooks and crannies of Seattle.

  4. Congratulations on reaching your goal! Thank you so much for compiling all of your walks here. Your blog is such a great resource when I am looking for a new place to explore.

  5. What an awesome accomplishment! Perhaps Tacoma...or the Eastside, awaits? Although some of the snootier suburbs might look askance at strangers striding down their streets? LOL