Monday, April 21, 2014

South Park, Highland Park and the Industrial Area

It is a good thing that I still have one walk left to go because I wouldn't have wanted to end this adventure along the 8.3 miles of industrial streets I walked today.  My route included streets between 509 and 99 and others clustered around 509, West Marginal Way and the 1st Avenue South Bridge.

Crossing the bridge, I came to Georgetown before turning around and walking back to the Industrial Area and South Park. This walk was not as scenic as the walks across the Aurora, Montlake and Fremont Bridges.

Back in the Industrial Area, I spotted lots of trucks heading into the Port of Seattle's Terminal 115 and what I think was formerly the location of Nickelsville.

Between the bridge and 2nd Avenue, I followed a sign for View Point Park and came across a sad looking waterfront scene consisting of a bench under a tree. Signs indicated that MARSEC 1 Security Measures were in effect at a nearby facility.

Seattle Public Utility's South Transfer Station and a hazardous waste disposal station are south of Highland Park Way and I noticed an aroma that seemed almost sickly sweet.

Detroit Avenue (west of 509) appears to be the home a school bus barn. Sullivan Street (east of 509) has some new pricy-looking townhouse construction built almost next to 99 (and just across the street from the Coast Crane Company equipment storage yard).

I started this walk hoping to visit the Duwamish Longhouse further north on West Marginal Way but it was closed. I had also intended to walk a few nearby streets that I thought I had missed by walking along the Duwamish Trail the last time I was in this area. I discovered that there were no safe places to walk along the street in places where the trail was nearby. One thing I have learned in my walks is that if a trail or footpath is supplied, it's best to use it rather than try to walk near traffic.

This was not my favorite walk but it did get me very close to my goal.


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