Sunday, April 13, 2014

Discovery Park (Lawton Park)

It was a beautiful spring day so my husband and I took a 7 mile walk inside Discovery Park. There are a few named streets inside the park and we concentrated on them but also included a few trails.

When we reached the beach, we were rewarded with spectacular views of the Sound, Mt. Rainier and the Olympics.

We walked to the Discovery Park West Point Lighthouse,

passed the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, the Fort Lawton Military Cemetery

and the Historic District where we spotted a radar tower,

what looked like an old chapel

and some lovely looking housing

which we discovered was Navy housing. According to HistoryLink "The nearby Capehart housing will be demolished once Navy housing becomes available nearer the Everett base. The historic family housing is planned to remain and leased or sold to private individuals."

There was a land use action sign posted at some nearby housing; it proposed subdividing an existing lot into ten lots and adding nine additional houses.

This was the perfect walk for a beautiful day and we got a real workout climbing up and down the hills.

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