Monday, March 11, 2013

Lower Queen Anne

Lower Queen Anne offered me a real mix of residences and businesses today as I walked 6.4 miles along the streets west of Seattle Center. The Space Needle and the PI globe kept popping into view and reminded that I was in Seattle. I walked some streets I had walked before but needed to include a few streets that I'd missed so I won't include photos of things reported in prior posts.

I spotted lots of proposed land use action signs indicating that large residential complexes would be erected. I guess houses like this one won't last very long.

I passed lots of new condos (some quite elegant),

old apartment houses

and a few lovely homes holding on with dignity.

With all the housing here, it did not surprise me to pass a new looking Safeway store (with what looked to be a large parking garage)

as well as a few convenience stores.

Along the way, I passed some nicely landscaped courtyards,
a Danish bakery with some yummy looking treats inside,

Boat Street Cafe, the Pacific Science Center, First United Methodist Church (all mentioned in a prior post), Morfey's Cakes,

lots of businesses, including a hotel, Omeros, the Cotton Caboodle Outlet (which looked to carry lots of baby and children's-sized colorful cotton clothing - all made in the USA - I'll be back)

and pubs that looked to be getting ready for Saint Patrick's Day.

This area is home to On the Boards,

the Seattle Elks Lodge #92

and the Church of Scientology - Seattle.

I ended the walk by descending a steep staircase

then walking along Elliott Avenue W to W Mercer Place where I climbed back up the hill along side Kinnear Park until I came to a lovely entrance on W Roy Street just west of 5th Avenue W. I saw tennis courts, a sign for an off-leash area and trees in bloom.

A great ending to a rewarding walk.

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