Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Industrial District

It was back to the Industrial District, today, for an 8.4 mile walk along streets between I-5 and 4th Avenue S from S Spokane Street to Lucile Street. The main street in this area is Airport Way and parts of it were lined with trees and had nice sidewalks.

Just north of Lucile Street, Airport Way passes over railroad tracks

and, for part of the way, it runs alongside I-5.

Most of the area is dominated by the power grid.
Near Spokane Street, a lot of the industry appeared to be automotive-related, probably servicing all the trucking in the area. A State Emission Inspection Station is locate here.

As I walked south, I noticed a large Fed Ex facility

and a number of food-related facilities including Sun Food Trading Company, Gretchen's, the Corporate Offices of Uwajimaya and Food Lifeline. I was thinking that the area smelled of tar or rubber until I passed Schwartz Brother's Bakery the wonderful aroma emanating from the building made my mouth water.

Some of the older buildings looked to be in very good shape, especially the Ontario Motel.

South Seattle Industrial Park,
some pretty impressive columns supporting I-5 ramps
and Sunny Arms, an artists' cooperative live/work space.
Along the way, I spotted attempts to beautify the area

and a worker painting the Airport Way overpass.
A nicer walk than yesterday's but still pretty industrial.


  1. Thank you for these fresh views of Seattle. I grew up around Victory Heights, currently working in the Washington DC area. Can't wait to return and explore some of these neighborhoods on my own.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the views. Walking in Seattle is a year-round activity. I lived in DC one summer and the heat and humidity did me in; I had to walk early in the morning or late in the evening. I hope you get to return soon.