Thursday, March 14, 2013


The weather was overcast but dry during today's 3.4 mile walk in the western portion of the Leschi neighborhood. My husband and I walked streets between Martin Luther King Jr Way S and 31st Avenue S from S Lane to S Atlantic Street.

This area is notable for the number of newer single family homes and it looks as if more are on the way.

Houses and lots along 30th Avenue are older and larger and some have lake views.

We spotted a few grassy lots, a number of staircases,

views of the lake and I-90,

an impressive looking greenhouse,

the Day Hill Climb and Top of Day

plus some yard art.

This area is home to Grace United Methodist Church,

Walker Chapel of A.M.E. Church,

Saint Gebriel Ethiopian Orthodox Church,

the Seattle Housing Authority Operations Facility, the Leon Sullivan Health Care Center

and Thurgood Marshall Elementary School.

A walk full of housing, hills and churches.

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