Friday, March 22, 2013


Today's 3.4 mile walk took my husband and me back to the Leschi neighborhood where we walked streets between Martin Luther King Jr Way and 31st Avenue S from S Washington to Judkins Street. This is a mostly residential neighborhood with lots of newer homes homes in the southern end and older, larger homes in the northeastern portion. There are some businesses along Jackson Street, a senior center and a good number of churches.

We passed newer homes across from a house which looked as if it might soon be replaced.

We passed empty lots

and landscaped lots,

a wish painted on a wall

and an interesting mural.

We saw a tire swing

and staircases

and enjoyed views of Lake Washington.

This area is home to Fire Station No. 6,

Flo Ware Park,

Sunlight Missionary Baptist Church,

Church of God Evangelistic Center,

Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church,

Grace United Methodist Church,

Central Area Senior Center

and Seattle Girls' School.

This was another nice walk in a diverse neighborhood.

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