Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lower Queen Anne, Westlake and South Lake Union

Today's walk (in the rain) covered a number of neighborhoods, lots of construction sites and staircases. I was filling in streets on both sides of Aurora, mostly between Mercer and Blaine. I got turned around walking under Aurora and wound up walking streets I'd already walked. I went to walk one street east of Seattle Center that I had missed only to discover that the street is now a construction site.

I walked along Westlake and observed marine-related businesses, a few restaurants and the Museum of History and Industry (pictured in a prior post).

I walked along Dexter and saw lots of newer buildings

and a few construction sites.

I walked along Aurora and noted lots of large, newer buildings, some open space,

a few older buildings (with all the construction in this area, I wonder how long they will remain)

and an overpass at Galer.

I walked under Aurora

and came out near Seattle Center where I passed the Experience Music Project,

the Gates Foundation

and a supermarket.

I continued up 5th, passing a few neighborhood cafes and coming to an area of older homes (some single family).

Along the way, a spotted a garden shrine,

Buca di Beppo Restaurant,

quite a few staircases

and some good views of Lake Union.

A good walk through a developing neighborhood.

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