Sunday, January 13, 2013

North and West Queen Anne

After the Seahawks' near (but not quite) victory, my husband and I needed a walk so we went to Queen Anne for a 4 mile walk in the area bounded by 8th and 13th Avenues W,  W Barrett Street and Gilman Drive W.

This is really two neighborhoods with lovely single family homes on almost level streets at the top of the hill along and east of 10th Avenue and multifamily apartments and condos in the hilly area west of 11th.

The area has lots of staircases and when we climbed one at 11th and Wheeler, we discovered Rachel's Playground at Soundview Terrace. It was good to see children playing here but sad to know that the playground was named after a neighborhood girl who was among the 88 people who died in a plane crash in 2000.

We were rewarded with Sound views,

spotted a mailbox at 10th and Newell, a tree that looked to have been loved by generations of children,

a decorated car,

apple trees growing on a triangle of land at 12th and Gilman,

mutilated trees,

palm trees, a 12th man flag

and a scenic turnaround on 12th.

We walked on what felt like a rubber sidewalk on 8th, across from Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

These neighborhoods are a mix of old and new, hilly and flat, single and multi family homes all tied together by Seattle staircases and greenery.

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