Friday, January 25, 2013


My husband and I got to see another side of Georgetown today as we returned for a 5.3 mile walk.

The area south and west of E Marginal Way S was similar to the heavily industrial area we had walked earlier in the week but the streets surrounding S Michigan Street which were north of Marginal Way were home to the large Pacific Market Center and many other design-related businesses including Northwest Wholesale Florists.

Once again, we passed the Georgetown campus of South Seattle Community College and noted that it appeared to offer very useful trade-related courses.

South River Street does run by the Duwamish Waterway but it was not at all scenic where we passed under the 1st Avenue South Bridge.

Further east, River Street is crowded with trucks parked in front of a variety of warehouses.

The railroad tracks along E Marginal Way run in front of the large Seattle Distribution Center.

Our walk took longer than we had anticipated because we had to cross some very busy streets and spend quite a bit of time searching for pedestrian crosswalks and then waiting for the lights to change. However, this being Seattle, we were rewarded with some healthy flora popping up in the most unexpected places.

We spotted a sign for the Duwamish Trail and did pass a bicyclist

and were surprised by the lovely display in the window of the Packaging Specialties store.

We stopped to inspect the offerings of the Sawdust Supply Company, remembering the days when the floors of butcher shops were covered with sawdust. This company has a lot more to offer today.

We admired the samples outside Equinox and wondered what we might see inside Stacey's Funky Finds (but not enough to cross 4th Avenue S - another busy street).

We spotted a large mural, Tails of the City (a dog and puppy daycare)

and a working telephone booth ($1 for 4 minutes) at the intersection of 4th, River and Marginal Way.

Unless I need some home decorating material or there is an art exhibit at the Pacific Market Center, I doubt I'll be returning to these streets.

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