Friday, January 18, 2013

Columbia City

A yearning for the good food at the Columbia City Ale House took my husband and me to Columbia City today for a late afternoon/early evening 5 mile walk. Rainier Avenue S was active in the late afternoon and the light-wrapped tree trunks sparkled at night.

The streets along and just east of Rainier have lots of places to eat, drink, shop and be entertained including the Columbia City Ale House, Tutta Bella, Geraldine's Counter, Kezira Cafe, Lottie's Lounge, the Royal Room, coffee shops, Columbia City Bakery, Paris Bakery and Deli, Columbia City Gallery, Lem's Book Store, banks, Ark Lodge Cinema and the Columbia City Theatre. It's no wonder this area has become so popular. A convenient and inexpensive public parking lot on Ferdinand services this area where it looks as if parking could otherwise be a problem.

Homes range from older traditionals (sometimes in need of love) to modern. Lots are a decent size but sometimes quite sloped. Some have views of Lake Washington and some appear to be down in a gully.

We passed a few staircases and climbed this 80-step one on 46th Avenue S.

This area is home to the Seattle Home Maternity Service, Mission Baptist Church,

Columbia City Church of Hope,

New Freeway Hall, the Columbia City Post Office,

the Rainier Valley Cultural Center,

Consejo Counseling Services,

the Columbia Branch of the Seattle Public Library,

Rainier Playfield (which borders on the Rainier Community Center)

and a house with a big City Fruit sign which looks to be an orchard and fruit farm.

I will be happy to discover what else this diverse neighborhood offers.

Walking at twilight is a whole new experience - neighborhoods take on a different personality. This walk brought my count to 1,800 miles (at least 60% of the city) so I celebrated with a Blackthorn cider and a tuna melt sandwich at the Columbia Ale House.

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