Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lawton Park

Another sunny day brought my husband and me to Magnolia for a 5.6 mile walk through the Lawton Park neighborhood. This residential area is a mix of tidy single family homes and lots of apartments/condos in the Magnolia Manor Park area.

This is a hilly area with staircases and footpaths at the end of dead-end streets. It appears that many small, older homes have been replaced with new, larger ones (with Craftsman being a popular design).

Most of the people we saw were walking dogs along the streets or watching dogs romp in the new off-leash area at Magnolia Manor Park. We noted that the park will have a P-Patch and volunteer work is scheduled for this coming week.

Along the way, we spotted a a spotted bird house,

a protected mailbox,

a walking school bus sign, Magnolia Presbyterian Church (pictured in a prior post)

and Saint Francis.

Another nice walk through another nice neighborhood.

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