Saturday, April 2, 2011

South Bryant and Southeast Ravenna

Today, my husband and I took a 7.6 mile walk through the south Bryant neighborhood and included Calvary Cemetery and a few streets of the southeast Ravenna neighborhood near University Village.

The Burke Gilman Trail runs along the eastern edge of our route and we had to cross the trail and take a stairway down to the streets east of 39th Avenue NE.

This is a neighborhood of tidy homes and well-tended gardens on small lots, many with alley access. Most streets have sidewalks and curbs and there are lots of moderate sized trees. The cherry trees were in blossom and provided a feeling of springtime.

We spotted a sign at a bus stop adjacent to Calvary Cemetery noting that the Route 65 was being rerouted to better serve Children's Hospital.

This area abuts University Village and there are a number of commercial establishments along NE Blakeley (including a bike shop and the Village Wine Bar - we looked at the menu and it looks promising) and NE 55th Street (including the Queen Mary tea room, Planet Happy - eco friendly toys, an Antique shop, Pair Restaurant, the 55th Street School, a stone shop, a homeopathic clinic, a guitar store, a barber shop, an Aikido School and Gaudi and La Piazza restaurants).

Ronald McDonald House is located in this neighborhood, very close to Metropolitan Market.

We saw lots of people at Metropolitan Market (we stopped in to admire the food), many bikers at one of the trail intersections and a few dog walkers in the residential areas.

Streets curve around and we really needed a map to insure that we had walked all the streets.

This was an entertaining walk with lots to look at.

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