Tuesday, April 12, 2011

North College Park North of NSCC

Today's walk was pretty short, only 3.3 miles.

I was back in the neighborhood of North Seattle Community College and walked north from N 103rd Street to N Northgate Way from Densmore to I-5.

N Northgate Way is a very busy traffic street and I was extra careful between Corliss and Meridian because drivers did not seem to be expecting pedestrians. Those exiting and entering parking lots seemed to be so busy looking for oncoming cars and bicyclists that many of them did not seem to look in the other direction to see if a pedestrian might be walking from that direction. This stretch of Northgate Way is commercial with strip malls and Hotel Nexus.

Corliss Avenue N was not the safest place to walk either but it did have a good sized shoulder on its west side which I shared with a bicyclist.

Meridian seems to have lots of medical buildings, the Polyclinic, UW Medicine, the North Public Health Center and the Community Psychiatric Center.

Meridian is wide and has nicely maintained sidewalks. Well-kept condo developments are located along this avenue and there are some single family homes with lovely gardens further west.

Mineral Springs Park is a green enclave of about 4 acres located in this neighborhood. I wondered why it was surrounded by a tall mesh fence until I learned that it is home to a popular disc golf course.

Not a long walk but still one with a few rewarding surprises.

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