Tuesday, April 5, 2011

North College Park

I was at North Seattle Community College today so decided to take a walk in the North College Park area. Including the distance walked on campus, my walk was 4.6 miles and included the streets between Ashworth Avenue N and College Way N from N 92nd to N 103rd Street.

This is a fairly large geographic area but there are not too many streets because the college and Licton Springs Park take up a lot of the territory.

Houses here are not as grand or architecturally appealing as those I've seen on recent walks but most streets have sidewalks and curbs and many gardens are nice. This area is mostly level and has a peaceful feel in spite of the parking issues caused by its proximity to the college.

This area is home to the Police Department North Precinct building, St. Nectarios American Orthodox Church and a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. It borders on a Seattle City Light materials facility and Middle College High School building whose Indian-themed murals indicate the presence of the American Indian Heritage School.

Walking down Densmore by Licton Springs Park, I had a view of the downtown skyline. Then I spotted a boulder in the park with a medallion attached. It explained that this had been the habitat of the Pacific Chorus Frog and gave a brief history of efforts to restore it. The frogs are nocturnal so I didn't hear the chorus.

This was a nice walk with many pleasant surprises.

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