Monday, April 4, 2011

Southeastern Ravenna

Today, my husband and I took a 4.1 mile walk in the rain and visited the Ravenna neighborhood. We walked the streets between 25th and 35th Avenues NE from NE 55th to NE 60th Street. Bryant and Ravenna run together at 35th Avenue NE and, even though the Department of Neighborhoods calls this area Ravenna, it is home to Bryant Elementary School.

Children were out at recess in the spacious playground surrounding this lovely brick building. The school and grounds look to be well kept and we were told that there is a long waiting list to get into this K-5 school.

Across the street from the school is Ravenna United Methodist Church which appears to share the building with the Saint Ignatius Catholic Community.

This is a residential neighborhood with architecturally pleasing houses on small lots but with many residents using every possible inch of garden space to create a lovely environment.

55th Street is largely commercial with a Kidd Valley on the corner of 25th. Across 25th are a laundromat, a florist, a pizza place, a hair cutting place and a sandwich shop. Continuing east on 55th, we passed a few car service places, a Thai restaurant, an interior design store, a pub, a home brewing supply store, a yarn store and the old Fire Station 38 (a beautiful building - I wonder what new use will be found for it).

This is a charming neighborhood and Ravenna Park is just across 25th Avenue.

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