Thursday, October 13, 2011

UW Campus (2 walks)

This week, I continued walking around the UW Campus and walked about 8.9 miles through the central campus and the sports complex. Together with my earlier campus walks, this completes my UW walks. I will continue walking in the U District but I doubt that I'll see areas so well landscaped or with so much building in progress.

From the outside, I'll admit to preferring the older architecture at the U (even though the insides of the buildings are sometimes chopped up or a bit shabby).

The campus is home to many impressive buildings, sites and monuments including the Suzzallo Library (sorry - no picture), the Drumheller Fountain, the statue of George Washington,

a World War I Honor Roll,

the Burke Museum,

the Jacobsen Observatory

and, in Sylvan Grove Theater, the columns from the first university building. (These columns are named Loyalty, Industry, Faith and Efficiency or LIFE.)

The sports complex probably occupies the best location on campus. It is directly on Lake Washington and houses Husky Stadium, the Waterfront Activity Center, the Conibear Shellhouse, soccer and baseball fields, Hec Ed Pavilion, the Nordstrom Tennis Center, a climbing rock, the Husky Legends Center, the IMA, a golf driving range (open to the public) and acres of parking lots. A transit tunnel station is currently under construction at the southern edge of this area.

The campus is somehow timeless but constantly changing.

Even an art attack makes a difference.

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