Monday, October 31, 2011

Beacon Hill

My gardening friend and I returned to the Atlantic neighborhood of the Central District today for a tour of the Lighthouse's Ethel L. Dupar Fragrant Garden. The lovely head gardener (named Helen) gave a wonderful tour of this garden whose raised beds are accessible to walkers, those in wheelchairs, sighted, blind, deaf and hearing individuals. The plants are fragrant, meant to be touched and many can be tasted. This was a tour well worth our time.

The rest of our 4 mile walk covered streets south of I-90 and north of South Hill Street from Rainier Avenue South to Martin Luther King Jr. Way South.

The fall colors were spectacular as we passed the Japanese Presbyterian Church,

We continued by the Northwest African American Museum and the Urban League Village at Coleman School,

with wonders everywhere we looked.

We walked across the I-90 lid as far as Sam Smith Park

a well-used off leash area for dogs (part of Sam Smith Park),

Mark Cooper House, some newer housing and the American Red Cross building. We stopped in to visit the Kusak Cut Glass semiannual sale

and, later, stopped at Stumptown Coffee Roasters on First Hill for an informative and enjoyable coffee tasting.

All in all, a great walk.

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