Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sunset Hill area of Ballard and the Locks

On Sunday, my husband and I took a 5.1 mile walk in the neighborhood near the Ballard Locks. We walked streets between 32th Avenue NW and Seaview Avenue NW from NW 54th to 62nd Street.

This is a mixed area with lots of alley ways, some lovely older homes and some modest homes closer to the railroad tracks. We were never far from a nice view.

There are restaurants and apartment houses close to the Locks; one apartment house appeared to have its own P-Patch.

We walked through the lovely Carl S. English Botanical Gardens

and looked at the Hirem M. Chittenden Locks which were pretty empty on this Autumn day.

This area is home to railroad tracks, the Burke Gilman Trail, Salmon Bay Natural Area, the

Ballard Northwest Senior Center (saw my 1st Senior Crossing sign), the Stone Garden Climbing Gym, a phone booth (with no phone) and some great garden art.

Any walk that includes the locks and the botanical garden is a wonderful walk.

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