Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rainier View

A friend and I had a good workout today as we walked 8.8 miles in a hilly section of the Rainier View neighborhood. We think we walked the southern-most street in the city (S Juniper Street) but this southern boundary is pretty tricky and there are no signs indicating that we were entering or leaving the city.

This area is mostly residential but the hills and the lack of sidewalks result in some streets not having the tidy appeal of others. There were spots from which we thought we could view Mount Rainier (the view would have been better if it had been a clear day) and figured that accounted for the neighborhood's name.

Beacon Avenue S is the main and busiest street in this area and along this street we passed a community garden

and a small green space surrounding a public utility building.

Along the way, we spotted a Laotian Buddhist Society facility,

the former home of the Northwest Black Pioneer Toddler Tech (signs for its new location appeared to be pointing beyond the city limits),

a house with a gazebo,

a sign for the Garden of Gethsemane C.O.G.I.C. (but the facility appeared deserted), St. Luke's Lutheran Church (pictured in a prior post),

garden statues,

views of the Rainier valley (we could see the light rail running through it)

and Rainier View Elementary (where a friendly employee advised us to be careful on the hill because it was icy).

We had a good walk but, according to the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods map, I need to return to walk a very small portion of MLK Jr. Way which did not connect with any other street we walked today.

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