Wednesday, December 4, 2013

North Beacon Hill

The biggest surprise of today's 8.6 mile walk in North Beacon Hill was the "Pavilion of Greatness" in Daejeon Park above I-90.

This peaceful, Korean Sister City Park borders the Mountain to Sound Trail and has a number of park/pavilion dedication plaques bearing the names of a few former Seattle mayors.

It also has a plaque next to the "Equality" sculpture

but this sculpture must share appreciative reactions with the meticulously decorated pavilion.

Across Sturgus Avenue from the park, is Lewis Park

and across 15th from Lewis Park is the Pacific Tower (formerly a VA hospital, then Amazon Headquarters and soon to be Central Seattle Community College space).

Across 12th from this impressive building is Dr, Jose Rizal Park with its dog off leash area,

"East is West" triptych,

bust of Dr. Jose P. Rizal (Filipino Patriot, National Hero, Martyr and Genius)

and plaques commemorating Philippine independence and honoring the heros of Bataan and Corregidore.

Once again, in addition to mostly tidy single family homes, I noted businesses along Beacon Avenue S (including gas stations and Mexican and Asian restaurants). I also observed apartments and Condos overlooking I-5 and near the Light Rail Station,

new, modern homes near I-90 and the Mountain to Sound Trail,

lots of staircases

and great views of the Seattle skyline.

This area is home to Beacon Hill International School  and Beacon Hill Playground (both pictured in a prior post,

Amanuel Ethiopian Orthodox Church,

a Tabacco Free Zone

and parking strip art.

I saw quite a few people out walking and many walking dogs. This was a rewarding walk and I will be happy to return and complete 15th and 16th Avenues and the east/west streets (even though they are hilly and include a lot of staircases).

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