Friday, November 8, 2013

Rainier Beach

A friend and I had a good workout on today's 7.3 mile walk in the Rainier Beach neighborhood. We climbed quite a few staircases connecting Rainier Avenue S with the lovely neighborhood on the hill above it.

We were rewarded with some great lake views.

We spotted some unique houses and three eagles (which I was not fast enough to photograph).

Rainier Avenue S is a busy street but it has some great lake views. Seattle Public Utilities has a nice overlook but a sign instructed us to "keep out."

Along Rainier, we admired stone buildings behind a stone fence. My friend told me that the buildings used to be a gas station but the property is being renovated and converted to a restaurant.

This area is home to Rainier Beach Presbyterian Church,

a property with a great vegetable garden (the veggies looked perfect),

a house with a picturesque mailbox,

some lovely streets, Hutchinson Playground (pictured in a prior post)

and a giant mushroom.

This was another rewarding walk.

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