Tuesday, November 19, 2013

North Beacon Hill

Today, my husband joined me for a 5.9 mile walk in the North Beacon Hill area. We walked streets between Jefferson Park Golf Course (pictured in a prior post) and S Bayview Street from 20th to 25th Avenue S.

Streets east of 23rd were hilly and bordered on green areas. We could see the Mount Baker Light Rail Station and Franklin High School as we walked east on McClellan.

Homes and streets here were a real mix with many being older and modest but with new homes mixed in.

This area is home to Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church (which advertised a Japanese service)

and Kimball Elementary School

with its decorated sidewalk and Community Day School Association Before and After School Programs and Summer Camp.

The terrain levels out along 23rd and the streets east of 23rd are more tailored and prosperous looking.

We even saw a few houses with solar panels on their roofs.

Along the way, we spotted well-tended gardens,

tree-lined streets,

vegetables planted in parking strips,

an espaliered tree,

a staircase

and what may have once been a corner store, converted to a church and now for lease.

This was an interesting walk through a varied neighborhood where each street is unique.

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