Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Seaview and Fairmount Park Neighborhoods of West Seattle

What today's 8.9 mile walk lacked in diversity, it made up for in views and gardens. With the exception of the commercial area along California Avenue SW, my walk in the Seaview and Fairmount Park neighborhoods was along residential streets.

The western edge of my walk offered great views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

The eastern edge provided views of the Seattle skyline and the Port of Seattle.

California Avenue was home to lots of natural medicine establishments, wellness and fitness centers, Rapid Ride stops, apartments/condos, a few restaurants/cafes, a Rite Aid, a barber shop, the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools,

a Department of Licensing Office (not for driver's licenses),

Seattle Yarn

and the West Seattle Nursery and Garden Center. Between Hudson and Dawson, I spotted a large construction site.

Along the way, I noted a sign welcoming me to the Fairmount Springs Neighborhood,

West Seattle Church of the Nazarene,

the Juneau Street Market,

Outwest Bar, quite as few staircases, a Senior Crossing sign, tree-lined streets and streets that will be tree-lined once the recently-planted saplings get bigger,

a sidewalk chalk message wishing me a good day,

some unique tree-trunk sculptures,

a unique house,

a house that looks to have experienced a fire,

unique landscaping,

a patriotic house

and some lovely homes and gardens.

Another rewarding walk.

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