Thursday, June 27, 2013

Industrial District

It was drizzling today so I decided to walk in the Industrial District, thinking that this area probably looks the same in any weather. That is most likely close to being true but I noted two exceptions.

When it has been raining, there are puddles in the potholes (like these along, what the street sign on Lander indicated was 7th Avenue S, but didn't look much like a street to me).

In the spring and summer, some properties benefit from the fact Seattle is a great place for trees, shrubs and flowers like these I spotted at the Metro building,

around Metro's Central Base Vehicle Maintenance yard,

outside the Washington Alarm building,

in a parking strip

and in the nice courtyard outside the Seattle Public Utilities building.

That object that looks like a huge barrel is a piece of wooden pipe from the Cedar River pipeline. Its outer diameter is 7 feet and it was in service for 55 years.

I passed a lot of warehouses and trucks on my 5.6 mile walk but I also passed the Seattle Public Utilities Water Quality Laboratory, a Pacific Food Importers building,

a mural on the side of the Mercedes Benz of Seattle (which looks to have a modern building next door),

an Office Depot, Emerald City Trapeze Arts, murals along the rail tracks

and decorated utility boxes.

At Holgate and Airport way, a young man was climbing a stairway onto the overpass. He said that he gets his exercise climbing those stairs everyday. I plan on using that overpass in a future walk.

I really appreciated the attempts to beautify this area - they made my walk more pleasurable.

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